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Struikelblok George

As a boy of thirteen years old George, inspired by a friend named Armand Yau, started to take drawing lessons at the Nola Hatterman Institute. Later George was recruited to give classes at the same institutions where he started as a young artist. After his graduation in Suriname (1991) he had success when he participated in different group exhibitions, both in and outside Suriname. Worth mentioning that in the beginning George had great admiration for impressionism. This caused him to experiment with the different styles, in search for his own style. And that*s why his scholarship in Jamaica, due to his experiments, effort, creativity and enthusiasm was a great success. Considering the works of art, which this young artist produced at the beginning of his career, one can clearly follow the development of his artistic skill. From small water colors to big paintings on clothe. Compared to early work one will discover that*s George* current pieces are completely different. He now uses the theme *Death and Love * which he links to his youth and his father*s death. His interest goes out to contemporary art. He tries to avoid the traditional way of working (as much as possible).


In the past, before my studies in Jamaica I painted everyday scenes in a mostly realistic style. In Jamaica I was encouraged to find a theme that really speaks to my soul, so I turned to the subject that has influenced my entire life: “LOVE & DEATH”; the death of my father before I was born and the questions, the sadness and emptiness I have always felt because of this. I channeled those emotions through my art. My work became more abstract, emotional and impulsive. At first my paintings were somber and dark, but in the colorful paintings I am currently best known for, a gradual change is taking place. The negative emotions of my fatherless youth are making place for happier ones associated with my own family life and fatherhood. People change, emotions and lives are changed by personal experiences. Having my own family has inspired that change in me and in my work. Missing my own father is still important, but now I primarily express the love and connection I share with my family. Being open to change, embracing the things in life that are most important, now influence the direction of my work. 

Mi Famiri 2010 (my family )

Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.


 “Mama” was the only name I was calling when I was a little boy. 

“Papa” I could not call because he was not around and

 will never be.

 A father was somebody who I never knew.

He passed away before I was born. “Mama” told me only

 the little information

 she could remember about him and

 Show me only “one” photograph .................

What he liked and

how he died ...............................

Breti (happiness)

George Struikelblok